Project Name: Exposure (Group B2)

Students Names: Pheona Ngcobo Zamafuze Ngcobo Nothando Cere Nonkoliso Dlamini Ntimane Qinisile Andile Xaba

Problem: Exposing Gender-based Violence on campus.

Solution: There must be a partnership through relevant stakeholders, eg: SAPS, Department of higher education and students representative.

Process: Victim must send his/her problem. Automatically it goes to Higher Education and SAPS. There SAPS will investigate further Department of Higher Education will conduct hearings after findings from SAPS. Final Decision.

Exposure created a wireframe for a possible Application and would like for the students to report rape anonymously straight to Higher Education, Emergency Service (SAPS) & Student Representative Council.

The way forward UN Women & RLabs came up with the following process for the Application, each campus will have their own page, where each student will have to sign up. The students will then pick a specific category that applies to them, example LGBTI, SCGBV, ect. They will then have access to Information Sources or to expose the students or Lecturer. The process to exposing students or Lecturers would allow you to search for their names, their profile will appear and then you will be able to expose the person. Someone at the Campus will then receive an email to notify them that either a student or lecturer has a certain amount of offenses towards them, the campus will then involve the necessary officials/persons.

Project Name: Get 2 KnowMe LGBTI Orientation (Group A7)

Problem: (LGBTI) Discrimination Empowerment of LGBTI’s. Employment of LGBTI coordinator. Lecturers or teachers should be suspended once found guilty. Awareness programmes on LGBTI rights.

Solution: Everyone should be educated/informed about the LGBTI Policy. This app allows the users to access basic information about LGBTI policies on campus as well as other relevant LGBTI support services.

Steps to follow: The institution should invite experts to join. A coordinator should be employed. Policy should be available on the website. SRC - Health and Safety together with other members should enquire about the Policy to HR. Access to a Pharmacy on campus. Peer educator system. Dating website. Safe sex and condom information. Commission for Gender Equality.

Who should be part of this conversation: Human Resources, Management, Lecturers, Student Representative Council, Coordinators, Class Residents.

Project Name: ViMa (Group A6)

Students Names: Snenkululeko Mthembu Sthabile Hlongwa Nondumiso Mseleku Phindile Ndlovu Fikile Tshona Slindile Ncube Mandisa Mbanjwa

Problem: Abuse against Lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersexual and trans (LGBIT) and women.

Solution: We want to help with organising a march against LGBIT Abuse.

Process: This process is a virtual march, where students only march by doing a positive action. If they capture their positive actions virtually and they receive a certain amount of points they will be awarded, and that way we will be able to mobilise positive actions within the campus spaces.

Project Name: GreyList (Group C1)

Students Names: Robert Thema - Mfundokuhle Mngwengwe Lulama Makhathini Nompilo Masikane Amanda Nxele Zanelo Gaso Sphumelele Zuma

Problem: Misuse of power from the staff.

Solution: Make a database of the Lecturers who abuse their power.

Process: We need an anonymous platform to report staff members, students gender based violence. There must be an external organisation that investigates such issues.

Grey List allows you to log in with your student number and password, you will then be able to select a category that suits you. You will then be able to select and search for lecturers, select the lecturer you want to list and you will then be able to see if your “Message Report” is pending or grey listed. The Application will be anonymous so the Lecturer or staff member won't be able to track who sent the “Report” message. Lecturers and Staff Members won't know about the investigation until the investigation is complete. Grey Listers will stay on record and other Universities will be able to access the Lecturer or Staff Member has been Grey Listed.

Project Name: Emergency Voices (Groups 3 & 7)

Student Names: Luthando Majola Lungile Khoza Pamela Mabaso Nomvuyo Jwara Neliswe Mokoena Sizwe Fakude Nduthando Khawula

Problem: No digital method of reporting incidents by location.

Solution: This is a platform allowing students to categorise the form of gender-based violence as well as indicate location for tracking in case of emergency.

Process: Reporting cases of gender based violence on campus by providing a location to the incident.

Voice Out app allows students to post about any Gender Based Violence incident that they may have experienced. Once the students have posted about an incident, they are also educated about how to further protect themselves as well as what their next steps would be.

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