More than 321 students participated over the two days generating ideas, building solutions and prototyping the ideas. The end of the workshops cultivated in an exciting showcase where 31 project ideas were presented (all project ideas being listed soon).

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Bond Fire Movement - Project Idea

Problem Statement:
Re-education Peer Education Social Trends Raise Awarenesses Women have power Teach men to know how to treat women Sexuality

Solution: Meaningful Youth Engagements Having more social platforms that allow adolescents to have a voice. A space to learn, interact and seek information Re-Education Teach women that they have power Teach men how to treat women Educate people on sexuality

Project name: Bond Fire Movement

Team Members: Luthando Majola Nelisiwe Mokoenai Sizwe Fakude Situbile Maphumulo

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Agent Of Change - A4 Project Idea

Problem Statement:
Sexual & Gender based violence: Victimising the Victim Corrective rape Objectifying men

Solution: Self realisation, acknowledging, actualisation, know who you are Developing strong awareness of one’s self ‘Ubuntu’ Men must also be made aware Instilling a culture of fatherhood and parenthood Mentorship programmes

Project name: Agent of change (developing a new culture)

Team Members:
Thabiso Goba Thobelihle Mtshali Thembelenkosini Makhuba Sibusiswe Maphumulo Nompumelelo Khaba Nozipho Sibiya

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Cellphone App - Project Idea

Problem Statement:
Lecturers dating students Human Trafficking Gender based violence
There should be a group where students have direct access to the rector to inform him/her about the encounters or problems around campus. Lecturers should not have the contact details of students. Relationships between lecturers and students should always be professional. There should be a group where learners could share the issues they might be experiencing with everyone.
Project Name: Cellphone App
Team Names:
Mbali Mnyandu Menelisi Mchunu Lwandiso Nkwahla Mbalanhle Khumalo Zithulele Mbokazi Phumelele Ndlovu Bulelwa Ngojela Zama Chiliza

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Lift yourself up - Project Idea

Problem Statement:
Victims to do not have access to a safe space to share having been violated

Solution: Online counseling platform - preferably government psychologists
Mobile online application
Anonymous platform
Social network
Support community groups

Project Name: Lift yourself up

Team members
Zanele Dlomini
Nxolo Msomi
Gugulethu Magwaza
Nolwazi Mkhize
Nozipho Ndzimakwe
Thembi Mavundla

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Bentsha (Ubuqaqawuli) - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Gender - based violence in our Campuses

Solution: Gender based violence awareness programmes that would help people take the necessary precautions when found in situation of this nature.
Have SAPS patrol campuses.
Create an easily accessible mobile application that could be downloaded and used when needed.
Peer to Peer watch, have peers take the responsibility to watch over one another.
Daily access to clinic services and incorporate mobile clinics on campus as well.

Project Name: Bentsha (Ubuqaqawuli)

Team Names:
Sizwe Malishe
Luvuyo Mamba
Mkhize Mandlenkosi
Eunice Mavundla
Sphumelele Mgcungama
Kumeme Mondumiso
Vezi Qiniso

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Dialogue and awareness campaign - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Gender Based Violence

Solution Statement: Visibility of trained security personnel
Inclusive sports competitions none bias : Age, Gender and race
Unity in diversity
Having frequent dialogs,awareness campaigns on gender based violence

Project Name: Dialogue and awareness campaign

Team members
Zinhle Zakwe
Sthe Luthuli
Yandiswa Bhasela

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Essence of Belonging - Project Idea

Problem Statement:
Gender Based Violence, Discrimination against LGBT

Solution Statement: Inform staff about different kinds of students
Become a friend of a LGBTI member to understand their world
“If you can not accept or respect me or my sexuality, then respect me as a human being.”

Project Name: Essence of belonging

Team Members:
Nonkululeko Nxumalo
Khanyisile Zondo
Ngidi Sthembile
Lunga Mthembeni
Zulu Sindisiwe
Butthelezi Ncamisile
Mbonambi Thembeka

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By women for women - Project Idea

Problem Statement:
Women being exploited,manipulated and targeted for sexual favours due to their vulnerability and lack of income

Solution Statement:
Create programs that will encourage young women/ladies to be independent and able to generate an income to support themselves

Get companies or organisations to support/sponsor some women with their accommodation

Project Name:By women for women

Team Members:

Vicky Shusha
Sibiya Xolisile
Sabelo Zulu

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You Too - Project Idea

Problem Statement: The concentrated power in the SRC

Solution Statement:
To allow for the SRC to be accountable for their role and responsibility for all genders to be represented equally
Distilling power between the SRC and organisations that fund and represent them

Project Name: You Too

Team Members
Zanele Zungu
Kutlawana Mohanae

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Women's movement - Project Idea

Problem statement:
Abuse of power by people in authoritative positions on campuses

Solution Statement:
To create a mindshift within people to think differently of how we view sexual abuse
Breaking the barrier of traditional thinking
To establish efficient student support at campuses
To get University boards, SRC councils, Organizations and students to better engage to address the abuse of our women.

Project Name:Women's movement

Team Members:
Siyabonga Makhonkxa
Angeler Campbell
Thembeka Mkhize
Zambikile Stholle

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GBV ON CAMPUSES - Project Idea

Problem statement:
Gender based violence programmes mostly focus on victims but forgetting about perpetrators

Solution Statement:
There should be structures on campuses who will deal with gender-based violence.
Create website for GBV information.This will allow students that are introverted using the website to have a voice by sharing their experiences.
The website runs on free wi-fi
Create a website for people to share their ideas and problems.
Each class on campus should have peer educators that will be involved on gender-based violence structures.
Should have campus talk shows


Team Members:
Eric Ntaba
Glad Shandu
Spha Makhaza
Lwazi Hlangu
Sizwe Gumede

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Awareness Campaign (S.P.P) - Project Idea

Problem statement:
Stop Peer Pressure

Solution Statement:
Awareness and public social media talks2
The big problem with GBV is that peer pressure exists.
A message should be spread via social media where students can talk about the Apps on Facebook
Campaign #StopPeerPressure

Project Name:Awareness Campaign (S.P.P)

Team Members:
Mfanelo Tom
Mthembeni Luna
Lileka Mbatha
Noxolo Manyathi
Zama Bhengu
Sbonga Dlamini
Khetha Sokhela

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HBV - Human Based Violence - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Gender based violence awareness is mainly one sided in favour of Women.
This is mainly derived by cultural & religious upbringing.

Solution: Media should be used as a medium to publicise both men and women
Implementations of web pages that would inform and educate community about gender equality
Radio & Television broadcasts should be produced and presented by youth.

Project name: HBV - Human Based Violence

Team Members:
Amahle Hlongwane
Thomlolwethu Skhathane
Smongo Manqele
Ntethelelo Ntombela
Mlindi Ntshidi

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HBV - Human Based Violence - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Discrimination of Sexuality

Solution: Create different stations on campuses for people to make use of and bring awareness to discrimination of sexuality
Religious leaders should partake or should be open to partake with other clubs or societies on Campuses
Reach our on Social media to make your voice heard

Project name: HBV - Human Based Violence

Team Members:
Mbali Memela
Zasembo Mkhize
Nomfundo Mzolo
Sphesihle Mthiya
Nompilo Malinga
Lindokuhle Goba
Sihle Mgenge

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Mobalize - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Men and Women do not have equal rights as men have far greater freedom example Men have the freedom of dressing as they please whereby women are constantly victimised for their choice of dress code.

Solution: All institutions and places of business should intensify the consequences in relation to gender based violence
Religious leaders should partake or should be open to partake with other clubs or societies on Campuses
It should be compulsory for police patrol at all high risk areas such as bars, varsity, schools

Project name:Mobalize

Team Members:
Kutlwane Mohance
Khuzwayo Skhulele
Petrose Nteke
Sandile Mbuyazi
Sbekezelo Masoka
Nothile Ntshakala
Sinethemba Zungu
Kholiwe Mkhuanazi

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Choma - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Gender based violence specifically focused within relationships

Solution: Seek advice ( counselling, books)
Social media platforms should be utilised (what’s up, facebook,)
Associate oneself with support groups of similar problems

Project name:Choma Support Group

Team Members:

Zakhele Thobela
Luthuli Nosipho
Mpotshone Winnie
Mazibuko Khethelo
Nzuza Sbongile

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The Blesser Haters - Project Idea

Problem Statement: The ‘Blesser’ (Think sugar daddy, but with a whole lot more money. He’s filthy rich, and can set you up with clothing accounts, overseas holidays (Dubai is the current hot destination) and sometimes even a car. So when you date one, your life has been blessed. Financially anyway)
The Blesser concept has increased as a result the issue of financial power over people has increased tremendously.

Solution: Campaign on campus ‘Blesser’
Parent involvement
Social Media used as a tool to drive the campaign
Influential hastags: #blessersmustfall, #spicymomsmustfall, #womenempowerment #menagainst

Project name:The Blesser & Sugar Daddy Haters

Team Members:

Noxolo Cele
Emmanual Kgaakgaa
Mbuso DlaDla
Xolani Dlamini
Lunga Makaula
Sizwe Ngubane

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UTHINGO - Project Idea

Problem Statement: The discrimination against males, females and LGBTI community.
There are no policies in place to protect students who are caught up in gender-based violence.
There has been no real awareness driven campaign relating to the LGBTI communities on campuses.

Solution: To have the 50/50 male and female policy include the LGBTI community.
Have conversations with people from the LGBTI communities to understand their life experiences.
The constitutions of schools and universities should acknowledge the rights of the LGBTI community.

Project name:UTHINGO

Team Members:

Zondi Sambalisiwe
Station Ngobese
Haas Vincent
Mashitisho Given

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Protection ON Campuses (POC) - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Human trafficking,Prostitution and slavery on Campus

Solution: There must be surveillance cameras on campuses to monitor and identify prostitution, to prevent students from engaging in such activities.
NSAS should contribute in helping students and have awareness campaigns and also have ambassadors.
There should be mentors that educates students from all aspects and all directions on how to protect and respect the variety of gender
Awareness Campaigns on Campuses

Project name:Protection on Campuses

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WeAreOne - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Gender based violence in relationships on our campuses

Solution: To talk openly about abusiveness in relationships without being fearful doing so.
To provide spaces or ways that allow for such conversations to take place(Debate sessions and/or support groups)

Project name:We are one.

Team Members:

Pumla Mfokofu
Nonzuzo Mswazi
Sinazo Mnguni
Zandile Mzawuyiwa
Nontobeka Dlamini
Toka Mofafne
Mosa Seloane

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Diversity Awareness Campaign - Project Idea

Problem Statement: Culture, Beliefs and Religion contribute the gender based violence at times

Solution: Awareness campaigns
“Diversity and Religions Awareness Day”
Radio shows that include debates, dialogues and discussions teaching people about gender based violence.

:Project name:Diversity Awareness Campaign

Team Members:

Thobile Ngcobo
Zinhle Ncanana
Esona Mangele
Bonsile Msomi
Lungile Chiya
Sbongile Mthembu
Samah Ngcobo
Vuyolwethu Nzuke

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Gender based equality - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Gender based equality on campuses, Verbal Abuse

Solution: Having meetings on campuses and start having open discussions about the issues we have to face on a daily basis
Make use of all Social Media platforms to share our stories and make our voices heard

Project name:Gender based equality

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Diversity Awareness Campaign - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Campuses do not have enough security to deal with gender based violence, and representatives that are dedicated to stopping gender based violence.

Solution: Faculty should have a subject that teaches about gender based violence(this should be compulsory).
Each campus must have an administration department that is dedicated to reporters on gender based violence.

Project name:#BreaktheSilence

Team Members:

Londiw Ndawdnde
Nqobile Lamula
Samukelisiwwe Madlala

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The Discrimination - Project Idea

Problem Statement: The Discrimination of sexual orientation

Solution: Peer educators must encourage their friends and roommates to attend some of the programs when we speak about issues
We need to reach out more on social media platforms to spread good things that happens on the campus
Each and everyone should come with a positive attitude and feel comfortable to be who and what they are.

Project name:The Discrimination

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Khulisingane - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Men need to be educated on how to treat women accordingly

Solution: Men need to be educated on how to treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve (especially men that are the perpetrators; most of which live in impoverished communities).
The men who don’t abuse women need to help other men realise the error of their ways.
There should be good male mentors at campuses.

Project name:Khulisingane

Team Names:
Sthabiso Sthabiso Phunwila
Sphesisile Shongiwe
Anele Makhathini
Mandy Hlengwa
Vuyiswa Memela

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LGBTI’S Ensuring - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Discrimination against gays and lesbians, on campuses and residence

Solution: Ensuring that LGBTI’S are consulted and participate in the design,implementation and monitoring of laws,policies and programs that affect them
Organizations such as UN women should be available in all campuses
Have a workshop or conference and educate young people in campuses about gays and lesbians
Finding sponsors to make the workshops and conferences possible
Raise and awareness using social media, posters as well as using word of mouth

Project name:LGBTI’S Ensuring

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Campus Job Opportunities - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Financial Crisis leading to ill informed students becoming vulnerable to gender based violence

Solution: Help students understand the post high school culture and warn them of the dangers of being mislead
Help the 1st year students understand that there are other ways to access funds for living other than falling prey of sexual abuse and exploitation
Go to school to teach the high schools of how important it is to not use your body for favours
On campus job opportunities

Project name:The Discrimination

Team Names:
Thabani Nkomo
Sihle Pita
Thandeka Dube
Slindokuhle Kunene
Zania Gazu

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Social Activities - Project Idea

Problem Statement:Campus students are not aware of the negative effects of gender based violence

Solution: Role plays that demonstrate what gender based violence is, and the effects thereof
Thought provoking debates
Presentations and open talks

Project name:Social Activities

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